Nitrogen! The savior of my gas mileage?

Is someone trying to sell you nitrogen to inflate your tires? Do their promises of improving the following tire characteristics actually have your best interest in mind?
  1. Better gas mileage
  2. Longer tire life
  3. Smoother, quieter ride
  4. More even treadwear
Did you know you can get all of these benefits without switching to nitrogen?

Let’s take a step back for a minute and look at the difference between standard air and nitrogen. Roughly 80% of the makeup of common air in the atmosphere is nitrogen. So, you are paying for that last 20%. Is it worth it? 

When inflated to a given percentage with standard air or pure nitrogen, tires will have exactly the same rolling resistance, the same treadlife, the same ride. And even the same even wear quality. For that matter, every PROPERLY inflated tire already does all these things. If you keep your tire pressure properly set, you will achieve the same goals. Just keep the pressure at the psi recommended by the vehicle manufacturer on the door placard or in the owner's manual.

Pure nitrogen offers some slight improvement over standard air. Nitrogen will not permeate (leak out) from the rubber as fast as normal air (about 1/2 psi a month for nitrogen vs. 1 psi a month for air). The difference is difficult to measure and you still need to check your tires' air pressure regularly so you don't miss air loss due to other factors such as punctures or other road hazards. So make the choice, but make the choice with all the facts!

Any other questions?  Check with one of our sales specialists and they will be happy to elaborate!


Thursday, January 13, 2011 by prosem

Nitrogen is basically a joke, but made me think of something. Could filling up a tire/wheel with nitrogen or even helium save on shipping charges?

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