Mac at the Rack!

I love to drive! Fast, off-road, track.....back roads, you name it. Soon after getting my license I realized that gasoline flowed through my veins and driving would always be a priority in my life. 

I have owned Camaros, Mustangs, 04 Mazda RX-8, 1969 Ford Galaxie Convertible, Hondas of all varieties, lifted 1985 Toyota off road truck; you name it. All of which I enjoyed driving for one reason or another.

Now that I have a family, it has been harder for me to have the sports cars but the Honda Odyssey is great....kinda..... and the Galaxy still is cool.

We have used car shows for family time in the summer and really miss all the opportunities to see car shows from the earlier family days in the suburbs of Chicago. My boys could recognize at 2-3 yrs old every generation of Corvette, Mustang and Camaro from the tail lights alone in the dark....that makes Dad feel pretty special.

Here at Tire Rack I get to share my love for driving and cars/trucks with each person I speak with. I know that positive attitude and excitement help communicate just how important tires are to your driving experience. Feel free to call me with your brake, suspension, wheel and tire needs for sure! I am here to help!

Mac @ 800-428-8355
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