I need some custom wheels. What do I need to know?

You don’t want to look like anyone else, but you have a classic car and no one has been able to tell you what wheels will fit.

What information can you provide your Tire Rack sales specialist so he can help you find a wheel that will be the perfect fit?

1. Bolt pattern. You can’t just say, “It’s a Ford.” You need to know the EXACT bolt pattern.

2. Backspace or offset. You need to know your current offset. Even if you are going to make a dramatic change, your previous offset can be a good reference point!
Offset diagram
3. Check your clearance. Jack up your car and lower it down onto jack stands so that your vehicle’s suspension is compressed. Turn the wheel left and right and see what type of clearance you have. Make sure you have the measurements on your baseline wheels to give us a starting point and we can go from there. With your baseline plus the clearances at the fully turned points, we can start to paint a picture of what your vehicle will be able to handle.

4. Know your car! Find out what outside diameter maximums your tires can handle or what others have run on similar cars. If your car is fully custom, then mock something up with cardboard and work out the dimensions yourself.

If you have this info, a Tire Rack sales specialist can give you all the options that fit in your range. One more bit of advice, know your vehicle’s weight and we will be able to double check your load rating!

With this roadmap, your ‘32 Ford may be able to have some new wheels after all!


Thursday, March 3, 2011 by Chris Eichner

I am converting a Mazda Miata to a 5.0 ford engine. I am planning on using a t-bird rear axle with t-bird hubs modified to fit the Miata rear axle bearings. I will redrill the t-bird hubs to 4.5 x 5. I would like 17" rims with a 40mm offset similar to the Kazera KE-D 17 x 7.5 for 205-40-17's. I can not seem to find a way to check the web site based on wheel size...
Friday, March 4, 2011 by MAC


Thanks for asking! I did some homework, try the 2005 Ford Mustang coupe (non GT). Its pretty close, and we can work from there on the finer details. Let me know if that helps, it is 5-114 (4.5) and has 35-45 Et on the 17x7-8 inch wheel.

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