Hoosier R6 vs A6.. Which is better for me?

Have you often wondered which Hoosier race tire would work the best?  You are not alone!  Many racers have experimented from the A6 to the R6, and some  brave souls have sacrificed time and money to find out what applications could work best and get you around the track fastest.

It is common knowledge that the R6 is more for track racing, while the A6 is more about autocross type of racing.  Where do the lines blur though?  From the feed back I have heard coming back, many racers who have short qualifying runs, or even lower lap races the A6 can actually cut their track times.  Is your track day sprint usually under 30 minutes?  Are you an experienced driver with a well set up car?  You may be able to get slightly faster and quicker times running the A6 in the place of the R6.  Know this though you will use that tires life quickly, and a 30 minute run may be just the limit for the A6 on a track.  If the day/track is extra hot, that may even be pushing it.  In the name of going fast....all is fair in love and war...and racing!

Hoosier A6

Check out and read some more on the Hoosier R/A6.  We also have a tech article explaining the best way to live with your Hoosier Race tires!

From your race prepared BMW, Corvette or Viper to the weekend Auto crossing event and your RX-8 or Miata this tire will shave time off your laps.  All things the same on an average autocross track you could shave 2+ seconds from an extreme performance summer tire!

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