Get your Continental ExtremeContact DWS ordered ASAP!

So you were waiting out the Continental ExtremeContact DWS until you could order it and have it ship same day? We can help for 62 of the 81 sizes produced. There are 18 sizes for which Continental does not yet have firm availability dates. They are working hard to increase their capacity for this very popular tire.

Today I received an ETA on a Continental ExtremeContact DWS order of September 30, so patience is paying off. A few of the sizes are still not fully off backorder and the farthest date out so far is October. Get them ordered now so you will have them delivered in the next available shipment for your size.

Continental had hoped to have their supply increased to meet demand by August but will not be able to do so for every size.

Alternatives? Sure.Continental ExtremeContact DWSThese are all good options with various strengths.  Check out what your peers are saying!

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