Does it seem like your car bounces too much? Time for new shocks!

Eibach SpringsOne of the most over-driven parts on a modern vehicle is the shocks. In most cases, you can feel the difference from a used and new shock with only 40,000 miles on the vehicle. In many cases, people will go more than 100k without changing their shocks and struts. So if you are looking for a smoother ride or better constitution through the corners, replacing the dampers may be for you!

When looking to replace your dampers (generic name for shock absorber) there are a few things KYB Gas Shocksyou need to keep in mind. First, are you planning on using the stock springs or lowering the vehicle? It is vitally important that you match the spring's ride height with a proper damper. 

BilsteinThe next thing to consider is the mounts. If you have struts, many times there are bearings in the mounts because a strut is a damper that handles some of the duties of the suspension (more than just controlling shock... they may be part of the actual steering mechanism or camber adjustment).  It is always recommended to change the mount if you can on the front of your vehicle, and often recommended on the rear as well, especially if you are in the snow belt (rust issues).

So go ahead and get started. Enter your vehicle info and get moving along. A smooth ride awaits!

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