Are the General Exclaim UHP tires for me?

TGeneral Exclaim UHPhe General Tire Exclaim UHP is a great budget tire that performs admirably in the wet. Being a summer tire, it should never be driven in freezing, wintery conditions and its treadlife only lasts 15-25K miles. Because of these inherent features found in Ultra High Performance Summer tires like the Exclaim UHP, it is very important to examine tire categories before you make your tire purchase.
When considering between an Ultra High Performance All-Season or Grand Touring All-Season dtire, you should consider how hard you drive into corners. If you hit corners hard, but want more treadlife longevity, then go for the Ultra High Performance All-Season tires where a 25-35K mile treadlife is normal. Some new models are boasting 40-60K mile treadlife, but that seems a bit optimistic!
Go with a Grand Touring All-Season tire if you're not driving “like you stole it” and you will see a 40-60K mile treadlife with great noise and ride comforts!
So dig in and see which tire category makes the most sense for you!

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