Are my winter tires good enough for one more season?

Taking a look at tread depth with the naked eye can be a bit misleading. How much tread depth do I need to make it through another season?

Tread Depth -- Why Too Little is Never Enough

The depth of the tread is directly proportional to the traction you will achieve in rain, slush and snow. Knowing that, what are the thresholds?

if you are at 8/32nds you have at least one more GOOD winter left. You should have a minimum of 6/32nds for snow traction. The slush and rain traction would be acceptable until about 4/32nds. If you don't have a tread depth measuring gauge, a quarter or penny can be a good tool.

From the top of the quarter to the top of Washington's head = 4/32nds

From the top of a penny to Lincoln's eye brow = 6/32nds

These methods are not perfect, but will give you a good indication of where you stand. Check out these tread depth gauges, or visit your local installer for exact measurements.

If your winter tires are not making the cut, get searching today!

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