Looking for Your Next Set of R Compound Track Tires?

Tire Rack is a Hoosier Tire Dealer offering the Hoosier R6 in over 50 sizes from 13-inch up to 19-inch.  The Hoosier R6 comes with 4.5/32 tread depth, so no tire shaving is needed. A quick heat cycle by Tire Rack would benefit the R6. Heat cycling can be added at time of check out at $15 each. Take a look at some of the recent user reviews on the R6."I've...  Read More

Hoosier Tire Dealer

Some say the engine is the most important part of a car. Others say it is the driver. At Tire Rack, we say it is the tires. It's the tire that conveys all of the driver inputs and the engine's power to the tarmac surface and holds the car to the road.Take a look at the test results on our 1/3-mile test track. The tire with the quickest lap times from the...  Read More

US Made DOT Competition Tires from Hoosier Tire

Tire Rack is a Hoosier Tire Dealer offering the popular Hoosier A6 and Hoosier R6. We can even get the Hoosier Wet tires for the diehard enthusiast that will race rain or shine. Think back to the stories told from the early days of racing when you drove the family coupe or sedan to the track, changed the oil, checked the tire pressure and pulled the spare...  Read More

Get your race on with Hoosier Tire!

At Tire Rack, we get excited about autocross events. They're a perfect example of tires performing at their very best. Quite often those tires are Hoosier tires. And as your Hoosier tire dealer, that makes us happy. Our collection of Hoosier Racing tires includes the A6, R6 and Radial Wet. Search by vehicle to see which one is right for you, then...  Read More

Looking for a Hoosier Tire dealer?

Tire Rack is ready to help you find the racing tire you've been looking for, as we have a number of Hoosier tires for sale. From detailed consumer reviews, to professional R6 test results and performance specialists trained to answer your questions—buying Hoosier Tires just got a little easier. Here are a few options: A6: If you compete in autocross, time...  Read More