Snow Tire Testing on an Indoor Ice Rink

Today I tested the Bridestone Blizzak WS70, the Continental ExtremeWinterContact, the Dunlop Graspic DS-3 and the Michelin X-Ice Xi2 Studless Ice and Snow tires.

The test took place on an indoor ice rink and let me tell you that it's always a fun learning experience to be able to test these tires back-to-back on glare ice.

All four tires were good in acceleration and braking with the Continental and Michelin tires at the top of the scale followed by the Bridgestones and Dunlops. In the area of handling and cornering on ice, I found the Continental to be first and the Michelin second with Bridgestone close to the Michelin and the Dunlop in fourth place.

Please be advised that even the lowest ranked studless snow tire is twice as effective on ice compared to any all-season tire.

Watch for complete snow tire test results online.

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