Highway All-Season Tire for your SUV, Pickup Truck or Van

The Yokohama Geolander H/T-S G051 is a Highway All-Season tire designed to provide comfort, handling and year-round traction, even in light snow for sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks and vans.The Geolander H/T-S G051 tires feature a symmetric tread pattern that provides a quiet ride with excellent all-season capabilities for drivers that do not go...  Read More

Looking for an Ultra High Performance Summer Tire?

The Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport is an excellent Ultra High Performance Summer tire designed for drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans.The tire is developed to deliver sharp response with traction in wet and dry conditions, however like all summer tires, the Potenza RE760 Sport is not meant to be driven in...  Read More

Looking for an excellent Off-Road Maximum Traction tire?

Dick Cepek's Mud Country is an Off-Road Maximum Traction light truck tire designed for enthusiastic pickup truck and sport utility vehicle drivers looking for tough radials in large sizes.The tire is developed to combine on-road handling with off-road traction. Stepped tread blocks increase self-cleaning for improved mud traction, while the siped tread lugs...  Read More

Hankook Ventus evo K110

The Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110 is an affordable Max Performance Summer tire developed for sport cars, sport coupes and high-performance sedans.The Ventus V12 evo is developed to combine comfort and control in dry and wet conditions. Like all summer tires, the Ventus V12 evo is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice....  Read More

General Tire Altimax HP

The General Tire Altimax HP is designed to address many of the treadwear quality and year-round traction challenges faced by the drivers of today's sporty sedans and coupes. The Altimax HP is developed to provide reliability and comfort, as well as year-round traction, including in light snow.Featuring a Twin Cushion Tread compound that places...  Read More

Looking for A Max Performance Summer Tire?

The Sumitomo HTR Z lll is designed for sports cars, sporty coupes and high performance sedans. Showcasing Sumitomo's technical resources by providing high-speed handling stability along with traction on dry and wet roads. Like all summer tires, the HTR lll is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.During track testing...  Read More

Spring is Just Around the Corner

When you purchase a set of tires and wheels as a package, your tires will arrive pre-mounted to save you time and money. Tire & Wheel Packages from Tire Rack are shipped ready to mount and include the necessary hardware. Before making your selections, we suggest you take a look at the Upgrade Garage option on tirerack.com.This feature takes your vehicle's...  Read More

In the Mood for Autocross and Track Events?

Hoosier has excellent Dry Racetrack & Autocross Only tires for autocross and road racing events. The A6 Radials are designed to compete in autocross, time trial and hillclimb events in dry conditions where responsiveness and high levels of grip at lower operating temperatures is desirable. Starting with a tread depth of 4.5/32", they will not require shaving...  Read More

All-Season Tires for Sporty Coupes and Sedans

Designed to combine the ultimate in ride and noise comfort with great year-round traction, the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity is a great option for your sporty coupe or luxury performance sedan.The Turanza with Serenity Technology tires have three circumferential and multiple lateral grooves in the tread pattern that help evacuate water to resist hydroplaning....  Read More

Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO 2

If you drive a crossover, sport utility vehicle or pickup truck, then consider the Dueler A/T REVO 2 from Bridgestone. The Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO 2 was designed to combine all-terrain ability, on-road aptitude and year-round traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions.Its symmetric tread pattern and sweeping lateral grooves help resist hydroplaning and...  Read More

Are you looking for a great Ultra High Performance All-Season Tire?

If you are looking for a great Ultra High Performance All-Season tire, then consider my favorite, the Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position. For drivers of sports cars, sport coupes and performance sedans, this tire provides the ride comfort and low noise you expect from members of Bridgestone's Potenza family.The Potenza RE960AS Pole Position features...  Read More

Looking to buy replacement tires for an SUV that never goes off-road?

If you are looking for replacement tires for your SUV and you never go off-road, then I have the tire for you. The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza is an excellent Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed to provide enhanced wet traction over the life of the tire by using Bridgestone's UNI-T and/or UNI-T AQII technology. This technology features dual...  Read More

Tire Rack Has a Wide Variety of Tire Testing Video

You can view a wide variety of tire testing in our Video Center. Featured tires include Exteme Performance Summer tires, Max Performance Summer tires and Ultra High Summer Performance tires as well as Ultra High Performance All-Season tires. We also show Grand Touring All-Season tires along with Standard All-Season tires.Video is also available for winter /...  Read More

As Temperatures Fluctuate, So Does Your Tire's Air Pressure

During winter months the temperature can be 40 degrees Fahrenheit one day and below zero just a few days latter. A change of 10 degrees Fahrenheit in air temperature will change your tire's inflation by about one psi (up with higher temperatures and down with lower).You might think that your tires support the wieght of your vehicle, but they do not. It's the...  Read More

It Looks Like a Long Snowy Winter

It's early winter and we have already had a great deal of snow all across America. We have a good supply of winter / snow tires available in most sizes. So if you are still thinking about buying winter tires this season, act quickly. My favorites are the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 and the Michelin X-Ice Xi2, but check out all of our winter tires and test...  Read More

After you buy tires from Tire Rack where do you go for installation?

Buying tires online? Where will I go for installation? Won't the local tire shop be upset that I didn't buy the tires from them? Will they charge higher installation prices because I didn't buy them from their shop?  Tire Rack has a Recommended Installer Program. We can ship right to the installer of your choice and save you the hassle of dragging your tires...  Read More

Are you still deciding if you need winter tires?

Are you asking yourself do I really need winter tires? The primary concern that our customers express is that they don't want to get "stuck" in the snow (or in the ditch) during the winter.If you live in a city located at the extreme edges of the snow belt, relatively new all-season tires will probably be just fine. But if you live in the northern part of...  Read More

Tire Storage Accessories

After you buy your winter tires and wheels, how will you store your summer tires? Tire Rack has a variety of storage accessories that are both attractive and protective. Seasonal Tire Totes are sold in pairs and Wheel Felts protect from nicks and scratches. They are designed to work perfectly with the Tire Totes. Need a place to store your summer tires? Our T...  Read More

Winter / Snow Tire and Wheel Packages

If you are thinking about buying winter tires for your vehicle, you might want to also buy wheels for a complete winter package. Down size your wheels for the winter months and get better traction with a narrower tire than the O.E. size.Another benefit to buying a complete package is the money you will save twice a year for dismounting and mounting your...  Read More

Studless Ice and Snow Tires

If you live in the snow belt and want the best traction in both snow and ice, I suggest that you use a Studless Winter /Snow tire. The Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 and the Michelin X-Ice Xi2 are two of the best Studless Winter / Snow tires we carry.These tires are both excellent in snow, but are also excellent on ice. I tested both of them on an indoor ice...  Read More