O.Z Tuner System Wheels

O.Z. Italy is one of the world's best wheel manufacturers. The product consistency and quality are hard for any company to compete with. The products included in the O.Z. Tuner System line are a great example of this quality.

O.Z Tuner System wheels are true three-piece wheels that are not built until ordered; so each set of wheels is actually custom built for your vehicle. The wheels are assembled to very specific O.Z specs and regulations here at our Indiana distribution center. Each wheel is then inspected for run-out and all of those specs are sent with the wheels.

When you purchase a three-piece wheel, not only do you get great quality, but you also have a wheel with a forged center disc, and inner and outer parts that can be replaced if the wheels get damaged. Not to mention they look amazing! 

Like any other wheel purchase, if you want to add tires and or tire pressure monitors to the order, we will include any needed hardware and mount and balance the tires of your choice on the wheels at no extra charge if you prefer.  Mounting Tire and Wheel Packages like this on your cars leaves no doubt when you roll into the parking lot that you care about you car, and you like quality! With wheels like these you can't go wrong. Pair these up with a Winter Tire and Wheel Package and you have a winning combination.



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