What a wonderful tool!

I just had a chance to rotate my Bridgestone tires. As I was setting the torque to the appropriate mark, I realized what a great tool my torque wrench has been for me. I've owned this adjustable torque wrench adjustable torque wrench for over seven years. It's reliable, simple to use, and never needs any maintenance. It just keeps coming back for more. I have had an amazing amount of value from this tool.
Torque Wrench
Here are some highlights:

Adjustable Torque Wrench (Light Duty for Home Use)
  • 1/2" drive adjustable torque wrench
  • Clicks when you reach the selected torque
  • Accurately measures up to 150 ft./lbs. of torque in 1 lb. increments
  • Chrome plated hardened steel includes 5" extension bar and 1/2" to 3/8" adapter
No vehicle owner should be without one.

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