Heat Cycling. What does it do?

Planning a trip to the track, drivers school or local autocross? Do you have everything?

  • Track brake pads? Check.
  • Adjustable shocks? Check.
  • Perfomance summer tires? Check.
  • Lightweight aftermarket wheels? Check.
  • Winning attitude? Check!

What about heat cycling of your tires? Have you considered the benefits?

Tire Rack's heat cycling of Track & Competition DOT tires is a non-destructive service that brings the tire up to race-track operating temperatures (minimum of 170- to 180-degrees Fahrenheit). Heat cycling is accomplished by placing a mounted and inflated tire on a machine that does NOT scuff in the tire or cause tread wear. Our mechanical heat cycling service will not remove mold flashing or even the tread stripes/or printed codes often used to identify the extruded tread slabs before they are assembled in the tire manufacturing plant.

Avon, Hoosier, Kumho and Yokohama all recommend that their competition tires be heat cycled before being run in competition. Tire Rack is currently able to heat cycle tires in our South Bend, IN and Sparks, NV locations for quick shipping times to you.

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