Who is Gavin?

I have always had a passion for all things automotive. My summer job in high school was at a local library and getting in trouble for thumbing through car magazines when I should have been sorting fiction from non-fiction (how I loathe the Dewey Decimal System to this day).

I've always been a VW fanatic. My dad had a Rabbit and gave that up for a brand new Jetta in '81 when my brother and I came along. Also, I remember my Mom's "taxicab" MKII Golf hauling us around throughout the 1980s.

Besides owning a couple of GTIs in my day, I learned to drive on the MKII, and a few years ago gave up my MKIV 1.8t for a brand spanking new MKVI. I have the same difficulty most enthusiasts have with a new vehicle: "How can I make it better?" To date, I've replaced the wheels and tires, and fiddled with the plumbing on my intake. By far, the wheel and tire change is the best upgrade you can do!

On top of being a part of our tire evaluation team, I've attended several race schools. If you have any VW or GTI questions regarding tires, wheels, suspension or brakes, be sure to let me know.

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