Tires As Shoes: Part Two -- What Is the Purpose?

As stated in a previous post, I recently purchased a 2010 Volkswagen GTI. 

What GTI tires, or what shoes for that matter, should I get? 

If I were to be the weekend warrior with my local SCCA it would be to my benefit to consider an Extreme Performance Summer tire, or even a track and competition, R-compound tire with a nice set of lightweight racing wheels. Using our handy shoe parallel, would I put running shoes on my car?

In my neck of the woods, weather changes with the beating of a butterfly's wings, and something with versatility may be more financially feasible. (I'll get to that point in my next post.) How about the equivalent of a cross training shoe, an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire?

I like taking long road trips on the weekends with my fiance and don't want her to complain about the rough ride of my new car. Maybe I should consider something like an oxford shoe in the Grand Touring category?

I will use the line of Michelin Radial Tires as a visual example because they have a very comprehensive list of tires in their line. (Some of these tires do not come in a size that would work for my vehicle.)  There are also many other tires in each category that will allow me to fine-tune my selection.

Streetable Track & Competition: Track shoe=Pilot Sport Cup. 
These tires are sticky! Not something to drive everyday, but they hook-up on the track to leave the competition staring at your bumper. 
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 

Max Performance Summer: Running shoe= Pilot Sport PS2. 
About as much fun I'll have on the road during warm weather, but not the tire for driving to and from work unless I feel like a new set every couple of summers.
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 

Ultra High Performance Summer: Tennis shoe= Pilot Exalto PE2. 
Sporty performance, but practical tire wear.
Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 

Ultra High Performance All-Season and
High Performance All Season: Cross trainer= Pilot Sport AS Plus
Practicality has set in. I still like having fun, but want some more life in the tire, and want the tire to work when it gets cold.
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus

Grand Touring All Season: Oxford=Primacy MXV4
Sporty styling on the sidewall, but more oriented towards long rides and longer treadlife.
Michelin Primacy MXV4

Passenger All-Season: Walking shoe= HydroEdge
About as basic as tires can get. They are designed for high mileage and for maximum practicality. 
Michelin HydroEdge

Studless Ice and Snow: Snowshoe=X-Ice XI2
In an area that gets deep snow, ice, and cold temperatures this will forge through the worst.
Michelin X-Ice Xi2





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