Tire Rack Carries Toyo

Tire Rack is now a Toyo Tires Motorsports Dealer.

We have received our initial order of Toyo Proxes RA1, Proxes R888, Proxes TQ and Proxes R1R tires in our Indiana and Nevada warehouses (since both locations offer tire shaving and heat cycling services). In case you're not familiar with Toyo's line-up, listed below are four of the their more popular options:

  • Proxes RA1 - Dry Racetrack & Autocross Only tire that offers long wear and good resistance to heat cycles. Autocrossers love this tire, especially for its consistent performance throughout its treadlife.
  • Proxes R888 - Toyo's new-generation Streetable Track & Competition tire for driving enthusiasts participating in road racing, track days and high-performance driving schools. The tire's advancements in casing and tread design improve dry performance while maintaining wet traction and control.
  • Proxes TQ - The Proxes TQ is a Drag Racing Radial tire developed for drag racers looking for Top Quality performance at the dragstrip from a tire that's also streetable. Proxes TQ tires are designed to provide drive-to-the track-and-back versatility while delivering drag racing looks and traction.
  • Proxes R1R - An Extreme Performance Summer tire that's engineered to elevate performance in dry and wet conditions. Developed from Toyo's years of grueling on-track experience, the Proxes R1R also has a good reputation for performing well in cooler, dry conditions. And like all Extreme Performance Summer tires, this Toyo tire isn't intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. It's also essential these tires be stored indoors at temperatures maintained above 15 degrees F.

For a complete listing of Toyo tires we carry, take a look here.

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