The Truth About Warranties

Resolving warranty issues on tires is tricky business. 

Anyone would like to utilize a manufacturer's defect or treadlife warranty if they could. However, is it an issue with the tire or improper maintenance of the vehicle and/or tire?

When was the last time you checked the inflation pressure of your tires to make sure they were inflated properly? Did you check the inflation placard? Has your car's alignment and suspension been properly inspected? 

An easy self-assessment is to look at the tire and make sure that all four tires are worn to the same tread depth across the tread pattern. If this is the case, get in touch with Tire Rack's customer service department by calling 800-428-8355 ext. 360. 

Another way to determine whether or not a tire may be covered is to look at the below disqualifying conditions:

  • Puncture
  • Injuries to the sidewall or tread that do not penetrate the carcass
  • Running a tire underinflated or flat
  • Impact damage
  • Shoulder wear that's commonly caused by underinflation, hard cornering or alignment issues
  • Uneven wear due to mechanical issues, which can include: feathered tread rim edges, cupping, diagonal wear, misalignment, worn or loose bearings
  • Failed or improper tire repair
  • Ozone cracking
  • Bead damage or improper mounting

The above list includes a few of the general specific items that could cause issues. Some manufacturers have a road hazard warranty on some of their tires, including Kumho and Continental.  For some additional information on warranties, read "Treadlife/Mileage Warranties."

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