Who is Gavin?

I have always had a passion for all things automotive. My summer job in high school was at a local library and getting in trouble for thumbing through car magazines when I should have been sorting fiction from non-fiction (how I loathe the Dewey Decimal System to this day).I've always been a VW fanatic. My dad had a Rabbit and gave that up for a brand new...  Read More

Enkei Racing PF01 Wheels. Thanks to MAT!

Last April, I discussed putting new wheels on my vehicle. After making my decision and driving the new setup for some time, I'm quite pleased with my selection.  I went with the Enkei Racing PF01 for several reasons. First, is the brand's reputation. Several F1 teams, including the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team use them. For many SCCA and NASA members,...  Read More

New Wheels

Winter is half over. Tax returns will be on their way, and some will have a little bonus in the mail from Uncle Sam. What to do with that little extra green? How about a new set of wheels from Tire Rack? Springtime is the right time to put new wheels on your vehicle and give your car a fresh new look.  Take a look at our new wheels from American RacingEnkei...  Read More

I Love this Tread Depth Video

I just spoke with someone a few minutes ago regarding tread depth, and I remembered that Tire Rack has an interesting video regarding the subject. The video answers the question, "When should I replace my tires?"  Most states set the legal limit at 2/32", or at the top of Lincoln's head on a penny. What many folks don't know is, at 4/32" your wet braking...  Read More

Recommended Installers

You've found the tires you're looking for and you need someone to put them on. Tire Rack has a network of thousands of independent recommended installers willing and most certainly able to install your shiny new wheels and tires. You can find one near you easily by entering in your ZIP Code.We've done the hard part. We found them, compiled all of their info...  Read More

Searching by Wheel Diameter

There is a search function on our website for you experts out there. I don't recommend doing this search unless you know a few things first, and are willing to to a little "leg work" on your own to make sure you get what you're looking for.  The search is called "Tire Sizes by Diameter." You absolutely, positively, need to know the dimensions of your...  Read More

Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S is Where It's At

A good tire to consider for your light truck/SUV this winter if you want it to also pull double-duty as a good all-season tire is the Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S.  I regularly recommend these Yokohama SUV/light truck tires, and they have worked well on both my brother's Dodge Ram 1500 4WD and a Toyota 4Runner owned by one of my closest friends.I have tested the...  Read More

O.E. Oh! Are they ho-hum?

If you've had bad experiences with Original Equipment (O.E.) tires, consider an aftermarket tire. Most of the time, an aftermarket counterparts to your Original Equipment tires will outperform and outlast your O.E. tire and will often come at a lower price.Popular Tires to Move From and Into Bridgestone Potenza RE92 to Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole...  Read More

Keep It Covered: Winter Tire Storage Solutions

If you are considering a new winter wheel and tire package, or already have a winter tire and wheel setup and need a way to store and carry them, consider the Tire Rack Tire Tote. The totes come in sets of two and feature: Heavy-duty shell Easy-to-carry handle Easy slip-over construction to keep dirt and dust off clothing and vehicle's interior Easily stackable O...  Read More

Studded Winter / Snow Tires

Are you considering Studded Winter / Snow Tires for the winter? Take a look at these: Firestone Winterforce  Pirelli Winter Carving Edge  General Altimax Arctic A good comparison of these three tires was done in our tests last year in Sweden. Watch the video and read our test results to see how they performed.All three of these Studdable Winter / Snow Tires...  Read More

Hankook Optimo H727 in a Nutshell

If you're looking for a high treadlife, comfortable, all-season tire, the Hankook Optimo H727 may be the tire for you. Made by Hankook Tires, a company that has been in business since 1968, and one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, the H727 is designed as a Standard Touring All-Season tire.         Reasons to consider the Optimo H727:4...  Read More

Torqued off about needing torque?

If you need a torque wrench to make sure your new wheels and tires are on your vehicle correctly, we have a solution. Tire Rack's Adjustable Torque Wrench may be just what you need for light duty installations at home.   The chrome-plated wrench is made of hardened steel and accurately measures up to 150 fft/lbs. of torque.  The click-type design helps you to...  Read More

Hey, need a lift?

So you just bought a new Tire & Wheel Package and are raring to put it on yourself. If you're like me and want to outfit your garage with a killer lift, or if you switch between a summer and winter tire rig, a good investment is a good jack and stands.   A short while ago, Tire Rack started carrying an aluminum Service Jack and Jack Stand Set for all you...  Read More

A bright idea.

Did you know we carry replacement bulbs? If you enter your vehicle’s year, make and model in our Upgrade Garage, we may have the means to illuminate your future, or at least a couple dozen feet in front of you. I have used a couple bulbs in the past. The PIAA Xtreme White Plus is by far my favorite, and the best bulb we carry.  Not only did my visibility...  Read More

Where are my DWS tires?

A common question we are getting lately is, "where are my Continental ExtremeContact DWS tires?"  Due to the unexpectedly high demand of this tire, and the demands on production, Continental is running just a little behind. How behind? A few months for some sizes. Several sizes are listed as back ordered: "Items shown with an inventory status of "Back...  Read More

Give Me 'Mo! Sumitomo, that is.

Last week I was pleasantly surprised by the new tire out by Sumitomo, the HTR A/S P01. Usually I am a little pensive with the economy market tires, but these were a pleasure to drive. They were responsive, comfortable, and my testing was done during the "wet" portion of track rides and my road course time was a bit damp as well. If you're looking for a...  Read More

Tires As Shoes: Part Three -- What Price?

Spring has sprung here at Tire Rack. Every spring I hit the test track to push the tires we sell to the limit, as well as get some time on our "road course" to see how they handle the daily grind.  Here's a couple handy video's to see the tests in motion: Road course:     Test Track: So why am I telling you about tire testing and my subject title says, "What...  Read More

Tires As Shoes: Part Two -- What Is the Purpose?

As stated in a previous post, I recently purchased a 2010 Volkswagen GTI.  What GTI tires, or what shoes for that matter, should I get?  If I were to be the weekend warrior with my local SCCA it would be to my benefit to consider an Extreme Performance Summer tire, or even a track and competition, R-compound tire with a nice set of lightweight racing wheels....  Read More

New Vehicle needs new shoes

So last month I picked up my "brand spanking new" 2010 VW GTI in Carbon Steel Grey.  The car came from the factory with the 17" Denver alloys with the Continental Pro Contact tires, and I need me some new meat already to keep my glued to the road in corners.   Which brings me to my question, "What wheels and tires work best on a GTI?"A good place to start is...  Read More

Tires As Shoes: Part One -- What Size Do I Have?

Tire Rack likes to compare selecting tires to buying shoes.  Just like going to a shoe store you need to know what size you have, what purpose you have in mind (i.e. cross-trainer, running shoe, oxford, or fuzzy bunny slipper), and what budget boundaries you have.Many customers I speak with tend to like this illustration as it eases their selection process....  Read More