Michelin Pilot Super Sport: Year in Review

I have taken my Michelin Pilot Super Sports into their second "summer" on my 2010 VW GTI. Here in South Bend, we were blessed with an early start to summer with warm temperatures beginning in March. I've clocked in just over 11,000 miles and the tire is still impressing me.

There hasn't been a sign of any degradation in the performance. Usually wet traction is the first to go and they're still bar-none the best tire I've used in wet. Last year, I had to pick up my sister-in-law from the airport during a torrential downpour, and gave her quite a scare when I wasn't driving "enough below the posted speed limit." While I was driving at an appropriate speed, the tire just provides so much confidence on wet roads.

For being as sticky and responsive as they are, these Michelin performance tires provide a great ride quality and quiet ride. I've only noticed a little tread noise on certain surfaces such as chip-and-seal, but a good tire won't hide bad road repairs.

My one observation is that it's important to check the wear of the tires where the Bi-compound rubber joins. You may see a difference in how the rubber looks between the two compounds. The outer shoulder has a slightly darker color to it, and the inner has a "grayish" hue to it. You can really see the difference in how the two compounds adhere by looking at the tire after driving through a damp parking lot. The inner compound will have more debris stuck to it.


New Michelin Pilot Super Sport
New Pilot Super Sport
Michelin Pilot Super Sport after 11k miles
Pilot Super Sport after 11K miles

To see if the Michelin Pilot Super Sport is the right fit for your application, shop by vehicle.

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