I Love this Tread Depth Video

I just spoke with someone a few minutes ago regarding tread depth, and I remembered that Tire Rack has an interesting video regarding the subject.

Panic Stopping: How Much Tread Depth Do You Need?The video answers the question, "When should I replace my tires?"  Most states set the legal limit at 2/32", or at the top of Lincoln's head on a penny. What many folks don't know is, at 4/32" your wet braking really starts to suffer.

This time of year, you are probably going into the snowy or rainy season depending on your location. You may want to check your tires before going too far into the season...or through the intersection.

Watch the video "Panic Stopping: How Much Tread Depth Do You Need?" here.

Stay on top of your tread depth by using the nifty measuring device we carry — the Dill Digital Tread Depth Gauge.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015 by eddy

love it great video

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