Hey, need a lift?

So you just bought a new Tire & Wheel Package and are raring to put it on yourself.

If you're like me and want to outfit your garage with a killer lift, or if you switch between a summer and winter tire rig, a good investment is a good jack and stands.  

A short while ago, TiTire Rack Aluminum Service Jack and Jack Stand Setre Rack started carrying an aluminum Service Jack and Jack Stand Set for all you do-it-yourselfers. A short while after, I purchased one such set and it has worked out superbly. 

The beauty of the jack is the Quick Lift System that gets your car up in the air in a hot second. So much so, that it can get to its maximum height of 19.5" in 12 strokes or less. It only weighs a scant 50 lbs, and has a swell two-piece handle that comes off the jack quite easily, but not too easily.

Get more information on this amazing product here. 

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