Aftermarket Lighting is a Bright Idea

Do you remembFile:KITT Nose on at Toronto Auto Show 2011.jpger KITT, the sweet car that David Hasselhoff drove in Knight Rider? Oh yeah! With the sweeping red lights in the grille, the four fog lights down low on that all-black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am. Sweet action! 

You, too, could make your Trans Am, Honda, BMW or even your Geo Metro into KITT, minus the supercomputer, with Hella's LEDayFlex Module Daytime Running Lights. However, the lights only come in white and don't sweep back and forth. But you can imagine, can't you?
Photo courtesy of Tabercil

The LEDayFlex Module Daytime Running Lights are currently en vogue with Audi and Ford on many of their current model year vehicles. With a little ingenuity and good placement, they'll look like they were installed by the factory.

The kits are available in 5-Lamp, 6-Lamp, 7-Lamp and 8-Lamp modules. I'm particularly pumped about these kits because they can update an older model vehicle with LEDs. The light modules have safe metal housings which protect the enclosures from the occasional errant rock.Hella LEDayFlex 8-Lamp Module Daytime Running Lights

The LEDayFlex lights include the lighting chains, control units and mounting instructions.

To finish off the look, PIAA has the 2100XT Clear Fog Kit and 2100XT Clear Driving Kit. Both kits include two lamps, wiring harness, relay and switch.

If you're interested in a different option for your vehicle, take a look at all lighting kits available.

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