Who is Gavin?

I have always had a passion for all things automotive. My summer job in high school was at a local library and getting in trouble for thumbing through car magazines when I should have been sorting fiction from non-fiction (how I loathe the Dewey Decimal System to this day).I've always been a VW fanatic. My dad had a Rabbit and gave that up for a brand new...  Read More

The Truth About Warranties

Resolving warranty issues on tires is tricky business.  Anyone would like to utilize a manufacturer's defect or treadlife warranty if they could. However, is it an issue with the tire or improper maintenance of the vehicle and/or tire? When was the last time you checked the inflation pressure of your tires to make sure they were inflated properly? Did you...  Read More

Key to Safe Teen Driving with Tire Rack and Kumho Tires

Kumho, Mid-Ohio School, KeyBank and Tire Rack are hosting a teen driving school this Thursday and Friday, July 12th and 13th at the Notre Dame Joyce Center. Teens with a valid learner's permit or driver's license can register here.This program includes classroom instructions, as well as a chance to get some experience in wet braking and emergency lane...  Read More

Wheels for 2013 Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S in Stock SCCA

Good news for those running stock class in SCCA that have their Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S. Enkei Racing Series is making a version of their popular RPF1 wheel in a 17x7" size with an offset of ET42. Weighing in at a scant 14.5 lbs, the wheel will be a great choice for both vehicles. The 5-100 bolt pattern wheel is available in both the black and bright silver ...  Read More

Is 255/65R18 Your O.E. Size?

If you own one of the following vehicles with 18" wheels using the 255/65R18 tire size, this posts for you: GMC Acadia Chevrolet Traverse Buick Enclave Saturn Outlook All of the Lambda platform GM vehicles above come stock with, or have been optioned to have, the 255/65R18 tire size. Did you know that a 265/60R18 works just as well, and gives you some great...  Read More

Michelin Pilot Super Sport: Year in Review

I have taken my Michelin Pilot Super Sports into their second "summer" on my 2010 VW GTI. Here in South Bend, we were blessed with an early start to summer with warm temperatures beginning in March. I've clocked in just over 11,000 miles and the tire is still impressing me.There hasn't been a sign of any degradation in the performance. Usually wet traction...  Read More

Tire Rack Carries Toyo

Tire Rack is now a Toyo Tires Motorsports Dealer.We have received our initial order of Toyo Proxes RA1, Proxes R888, Proxes TQ and Proxes R1R tires in our Indiana and Nevada warehouses (since both locations offer tire shaving and heat cycling services). In case you're not familiar with Toyo's line-up, listed below are four of the their more popular...  Read More

Accutire ABS Coated Air Gauge

Having adequate air in your tires is nothing to overlook. You wouldn't want to take a long trip with your gas tank on empty now, would you? An underinflated tire is more prone to early tread wear, bad fuel economy and also affects the handling and braking of the vehicle.   A handy tool to keep in your glove compartment is a tire pressure gauge to ensure you...  Read More

Klassic Wheels by Axis

Axis is no stranger to the sport compact tuning market. Since 1997, this California-based company has been building specialty wheels for many different import applications.    Their latest design for 2012 is the Klassic. This wheel may end your search if you're looking for an affordable wheel with a European mesh style. The Klassic is a one-piece, low-pressure...  Read More

Enkei Tuning Series Raijin: God of Thunder

New for 2012, Enkei Tuning Series has released the Raijin, named after the Japanese god of thunder.   Enkei did a fantastic job of creating a beautiful, functional wheel. The face of the spokes have just enough of a cut to create some contrast on the wheel, while the concave center adds a touch of softness.   Raijin wheels come in an 18" diameter and are...  Read More

Sparco Assetto Gara Spectrum

Are you looking for a wheel to make your modified vehicle stick out from the ho-hum? Check out the Sparco Assetto Gara aftermarket wheels.    The Assetto Gara has an array of different colors, including matte graphite silver, red, green, gold, white, bright silver, orange, bronze, black and blue.    A few years ago Sparco and O.Z. Racing partnered up and...  Read More

Need New Lugs with Your Wheel Purchase? Tire Rack Knows!

Tire Rack carries a large variety of aftermarket wheels for many vehicles. While some are designed to reuse your current wheel's stock lug nuts or bolts, other options will require something different if the new wheel's lug seat type is different. Also, you'll need new lug nuts or bolts if the hole in the face of the wheel needs tuner style lugs or if the...  Read More

Goodyear and the Bondurant School

Last week, I had the chance to get behind the wheel of a couple fantastic American sports cars at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving: a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS, RS package.    Just as a side note, Bondurant has been using Goodyear tires exclusively for many years on their cars, when applicable. The main...  Read More

265/70R17 Tires for the Big 3 U.S. Truck Manufacturers

Many GM, Ford and Dodge trucks and SUVs use the 265/70R17 tire size as Original Equipment. Depending on trim level and wheel size, vehicles such as the Chevy Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade, Ford F150 and Dodge Ram use this size.  If you're looking to put a great tire on your American truck, BFGoodrich, Firestone or Goodyear tires may be what you're looking...  Read More

Recommended Installer Map

Good news! When looking for a Recommended Installer on our site, you can now see exactly where they're located with our new map feature. If you're like me, sometimes just having an address doesn't cut it. You can now pinpoint exactly what installer you would like to visit by simply finding them on the map.When visiting our website, click on the...  Read More

Bridgestone Winter Tire Driving School

This past weekend, a few of my Tire Rack cohorts and I traveled to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to experience the Bridgestone Winter Driving School. The trip was a wonderful experience as we got to learn winter driving skills in their premier program, Fifth Gear, as well as gain additional experience driving on Bridgestone Blizzak winter / snow tires.Once we...  Read More

The Upgrade Garage is Not Just a Wheel Simulator

Have you ever wanted to know what a certain wheel looked like on your vehicle before you bought it? Well, check out our Upgrade Garage and view a complete fitment guide for your vehicle, as well as easily switch between product category results with one click.If you follow the link above and enter your vehicle's year, make and model you'll see what wheels...  Read More

Test of the Titans

It's the middle of January and customers are already calling in about Max Performance Summer tires. Nothing can brighten the day of a tire specialist more than the sweet smell of summer rubber in the winter!As a sales specialist that tries not to be too hasty in recommending a tire, I like to have the opportunity to test it, get customer feedback and give...  Read More

Fit for a Fit: General AltiMAX Arctic

This past New Year's weekend, my wife and I took a trip to spend time with some friends about 45 miles from our home. We expected food, fun and festivities, however what we got was an unexpected 4" of snow and freezing mist on the plowed roads.Thankfully, we put a set of General AltiMAX Arctic winter / snow tires on her Honda Fit a couple of months ago when...  Read More

Bridgestone Blizzak WS70: Second Winter Review

Back in November, I installed my Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 tires with their respective wheels on my car for their second winter. Having purchased the tires for their deep snow and ice traction, they came in quite handy with the nasty lake-effect snow we got hit with last winter in South Bend, Indiana.The winter of 2011 has been very mild to this point, so...  Read More

Aftermarket Lighting is a Bright Idea

Do you remember KITT, the sweet car that David Hasselhoff drove in Knight Rider? Oh yeah! With the sweeping red lights in the grille, the four fog lights down low on that all-black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am. Sweet action! You, too, could make your Trans Am, Honda, BMW or even your Geo Metro into KITT, minus the supercomputer, with Hella's LEDayFlex Module...  Read More