Best Price on Michelin Tires for Toyota, Honda, Nissan and More!

When asked about which brand of tires are associated with quality, many think of Michelin. Their reputation is well deserved. For decades, Michelin has been an industry leader in tire technology, making some of the best tires that money can buy. While they make outstanding performance tires, like the Pilot Super Sport, Michelin may be best known for...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

O.E. tires on my 2013 F150 275/65/18. Tires are not good at all. Sidewall flex, poor snow traction, very poor ice traction. Have to use 4wd in situations I shouldn't. Ford has a habbit of putting tires on their vehicles that don't fit the vehicle. All the O.E. tires are poor for the vehicles they put them on. Will be replacing these tires and wheels with...  Read More

Upgrade the Look of Your Ford Mustang with Ford Racing Wheels from Tire Rack

The quickest and easiest way to upgrade the look of your Mustang is to swap your factory wheels to an upgraded option from Ford Racing. Authentic Ford Racing wheels are developed by the Special Vehicle Team (SVT), which was founded in 1991 when Ford saw the need to investigate niche vehicle opportunities. The SVT division has continued with a strong...  Read More

Best On-/Off-Road All-Terrain Tires in Snow

Dedicated winter / snow tires perform better than non-winter tires on snow- and ice-covered roads. The downside is that winter tires aren't designed for year-round use, therefore an additional set of tires is needed.   In light of this, some light truck and SUV drivers choose to compromise and use one set of tires all 12 months of the year. Many will choose a...  Read More

Severe Snow Rated On-/Off-Road All-Terrain Tires

Most often, one of the biggest concerns when replacing tires is winter weather performance. If you're the owner of a light truck or SUV and need an On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tire that can perform to an exceptional level in winter conditions, then choosing a tire branded with the mountain/snowflake symbol will assure you have the very best winter...  Read More

What's the Best Mud-Terrain Tire for Your Vehicle?

Looking for an aggressive tire? Do your off-road challenges include deep mud, loose soil, slippery rocks and tough trails? If so, take a look at the options available in the Off-Road Maximum Tractioncategory. These tires are super aggressive, with deep and open lug patterns. They are designed primarily for extreme off-road use, capable of ripping through the...  Read More

Looking for the Best Tires for Your Ford F-150? We've Got You Covered!

America's best-selling pickup truck, the Ford F-150, deserves Tire Rack's best-selling tires. Many F-150 owners are passionate about their truck and hold on to them for a long period of time. Most owners even go through multiple sets of tires, due to the truck's long-lasting dependability. With that in mind, Ford truck owners want nothing but the best for...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin LTX A/S

These tires were OEM for my 2010 Ford F150. They were remarkably quiet, smooth and finally were ready for replacement at 74,000 miles. If not for a misalignment, I likely could have gone to 80,000. Unbelievalbe. When it came time to replace the tires last month, I chose BF Goodrich radial long trail T/A's based mainly on price but decent reviews as well. I...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Firestone Winterforce UV

I put a set of these on rear of my Dodge pickup and like them so much I ordered a set for my sons Ford F150. I'm pleased with the snow traction I got with a 2 wheel drive truck   Read More

Get Comfort and Handling with Michelin's LTX A/T2

The LTX A/T2 is Michelin's On-/Of-Road All-Terrain tire developed to meet the needs of today's recreational and commercial pickup, van and SUV drivers. It's touted for its ability to provide even wear, low noise and good fuel economy. Offering comfort and toughness, the tire excels with off-road traction and on-road handling.  An upgraded rubber compound...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar

I bought put 285/70/17 tires on my Ford F150 EXT 4X4 and wished I never bought these tires. I had the sidewall spilt on 2 tires within the first 6 months. They replaced the first one for free and made me pay a pro-rated portion for the second tire. This should of been a free replacement due to a manufactures defect. The tire tread only last around 12,000...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A Tour

I bought my 2003 F150 Heritage Edition about a year ago, and it had Michelin tires on it. I knew they were pretty worn when I bought the truck, so I started looking for new tires. I found the Michelins were the wrong size - they were 265-70s instead of the 275-65 size they were supposed to be! No wonder the speedo read wrong! Anyway, I wound up getting the...  Read More

Ford Racing Wheels for the Mustang

Are you looking to upgrade the wheels on your Ford Mustang? Why not "keep it stock" and go with a set of original Ford Racing wheels. Tire Rack is an exclusive distributor of Ford Racing and SVT wheels. We offer the exact wheels that come on the new GT, Boss 302 and more. These will make your base model V6 look like a GT or your GT look like a Boss 302.Availa...  Read More

275/65-18 Tires for Your 2009 Ford F-150

Although rising gas prices have pushed many buyers towards cars, SUVs and compact trucks, it's hard to beat the versatility of a 1/2 ton truck. Despite the high prices at the pump, the Ford F-150 still reigns as one of the best-selling vehicles in America.Even though the F-150 has the capability to haul, tow and work off-road, many F-150 drivers are simply...  Read More

Tire Rack Power Pack Intake/Tuner Combo

Are you looking to increase horsepower and improve your vehicle's fuel economy? This spring, I followed that mod by tuning the engine with the Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer. This tune really woke up my car. My first impression was a noticeable improvement in torque, throttle response and power. According to Hypertech, it gave me an increase of 7HP. ...  Read More

We Can Help You Find the Best Low Rolling Resistance Tire for Your Car

As gas prices go up, consumers are looking for ways to stretch every dollar and gallon of fuel. Everyone from hybrid car owners like the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid, to larger trucks and SUVs, such as the Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford F-150 are very interested in low rolling resistance tires.    Last summer, Tire Rack tested three eco-focused tires...  Read More

Looking for the Best Value in a Street and Road Tire for Your Truck or SUV?

Most truck owners never intend to take their vehicles off-road. Highway All-Season tires offer the benefits of a quiet, smooth ride. They provide excellent mileage and good grip in water and light snow conditions. These tires are built essentially for crossover and sport utility vehicles, as well as pick-up trucks and full-size vans. The following tires are...  Read More

Ride Like a Rockstar!

You've seen them all over the place and now you want to know where you can get a set of Rockstar rims from KMC XD Series? Tire Rack has you covered. These wheels are one of our best sellers. The KMC XD Series Rockstar comes in three coveted finishes: machined with black accent, chrome and black. They're even available for your heavy duty dually. Go big or go...  Read More

265/70R17 Tires for the Big 3 U.S. Truck Manufacturers

Many GM, Ford and Dodge trucks and SUVs use the 265/70R17 tire size as Original Equipment. Depending on trim level and wheel size, vehicles such as the Chevy Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade, Ford F150 and Dodge Ram use this size.  If you're looking to put a great tire on your American truck, BFGoodrich, Firestone or Goodyear tires may be what you're looking...  Read More

Ford Racing Wheels Available at Tire Rack

As a Ford Mustang owner and blue oval enthusiast, I often get calls from customers regarding wheels for their Ford vehicle. When Ford saw the need to investigate niche market opportunities, they created the Motorsport's SVT division back in 1991. Tire Rack offers the wheels to upgrade your Mustang, Contour or F150 to the SVT style. With sixteen different...  Read More