Energy Saving Tires. Not just for Hybrids.

Today I set out for another routine tire test on the streets of South Bend. This time we were testing the new low rolling resistance tires on a fleet of Toyota Prius (yawn). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job, but this doesn't give the same exhilaration as tossing a BMW through the slalom cones on maximum performance summer tires. As an sideline to comparing the attributes of these tires we also kept track of our fuel mileage in these in these miserly gas sipping hybrids. 
President Obama was in town today. And as Marine One set aloft from South Bend Airport I had a thought. How many gallons of gas do we use each year in the United States? How many people will this simple tire test affect in convincing them to purchase an energy saving tire. Over the life of these tires how many gallons of gas will be saved these next few years by these customers' choices. Hmmm maybe there is more to this than I gave credence. I looked over at the mpg meter (60 mpg) and I let up off the throttle just a little.

p.s. for those looking for my posts on wheel fitment. Stay tuned. Pics are on the way. 


Friday, September 11, 2009 by bill whiteside

Interested in finding a energy saving tire for my Prius. Total life expenency not an issue

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