Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec

I bought these tires for autocrossing. I knew going in that the Bridgestone 71Rs would be faster by about .5 seconds a run (verified by SCCA testing) but I was willing to give up that time as I am new to the sport and I expected that the Star Specs would last twice as long as the 71Rs. After a year of auto crossing that is exactly what happened. The Star...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza ZII

I got these tires for AutoX and when I put them on My IS300 was when I discovered what traction really is. They are an awesome set of tires. they can get loud when driving on the freeway but they grip like nothing else. They do however Lose traction over wet Painted surfaces such as the Diamonds Painted on the Roadway of the HOV lanes in WA. It is weird to...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza ZII

I bought the ZII for Auto Crossing and Tracking the car. We drive on the tires to the track which can be a couple of hundred miles each way at times. The tires ride great and have less road noise that the OEM run flats. Traction and handling on the track are excellent. they give good feedback before they start to let go if pushing them too hard in the...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3

I've used this set on 2 different cars for 3 winters. In the first two with the 335i coupe they were great. Very good in any kind of snow...light, deep,slush, ice. Once I put these tires on my 135is there was a noticeable difference. They have 8/32nds left and they feel like they aren't dealing with the snow well anymore. This could be because of a number of...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza ZII

This tire is bordering on R-compound-like performance, but in a streetable summer tire. Dry performance is simply astounding, and even in extremely heavy rain, these tires were more composed than anything I've ever driven in - at freeway speeds where other cars had to slow down due to the standing water, these never hydroplaned once.Treadwear does not appear...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza DZ102

I went with these tires for my FRS in an attempt to maintain the fun factor. I had gone with the Dunlop Z2's or Hankook RS3's on my more powerful 240sx and loved them. However with only 200hp on tap I wanted a less grippy tire to make sure I could still slide around if I wanted. I put these tires through 3 autocross events and a track day at Watkins Glen and...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec

I picked up the first set sold by TR. They replaced my Z1 Star Specs that handled a dozen high speed auto-x and 4 DEs, along with 2000 street miles. Loved them and they would still be with me but I managed to cord a shoulder at Heartland Park. Only one auto-x on the new skins and I'm not disappointed. Strong grip and crisp turn-in on my set-up BMW E30 325is....  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec

I absolutey love this tire. My bone stock MR2 Spyder has been extremely competitive at our local gymkhana and auto x events, and has been taking down much better cars with these tires on.I now have Rivals on the car, but I think I like the ZII Star Specs a lot more. At least on the street, I'm still waiting for Sunday to come so I can see how the Rivals do...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza ZII

Fantastic tire. Very, very sticky in the dry. If your temps are near 40F, they're just blocks of rubber; but you already knew that if you're researching summer tires. An astonishing amount of grip in aggressive off & on ramp and back roads carving. Haven't taken the car to auto-x yet with the tires, but I'm looking forwards to it since the street driving...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin LTX M/S2

Car came with Dunlop tires. I cannot believe Lexus put those tires on this car. I got rid of them at 25K. I have a 2000 LX 470 and have always been happy with the LTX M/S. These tires are even better. There is nothing bad about this tire. Bought at Tire Rack. Had dealer mount 'em. Better everything: handling, ride, traction and even gas mileage. I hunt, so...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza ZII

I just got back today from using these for auto-x on my 93 Corvette with Z07 suspension and aggressive alignment. These tires just plain work, even on a heavy car in cold/wet/dry conditions. It was actually snowing and later got up around 45 or a little less. I kept pace (within a couple tenths or so) with near FTD C5Z06 (Hoosiers, not good at all in those...  Read More

A 2012 Street Tire Auto-X Favorite: Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec

Although the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec's name is a bit taxing, its popularity and test results have been quite clear. As one of the top Extreme Performance Summer tires, the Z1 Star Spec has been a hit among drivers looking to be competitive in street tire racing classes which demand a treadwear of 140 or higher.It seems that the creation of a new...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec

I've been completely blown away by this tire and I rant and rave to friends about it. I'm using the largest size you can buy @ 275/35/18 and the traction.. oh lord the traction. I'm sure it's partly due to my car as well but compared to my stock tires these things are unbelievable. On an auto-x course you can really push the limits and I felt the tires in...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec

Having put about 12,000 miles of commuting on this set of StarSpecs, they are a vast improvement over the Bridgestone runflats that were on my Z4 roadster. Cornering is excellent in the dry. I usually slow down in the rain but no issues when it has rained. Noise is not a concern as I ride with the top down over 90% of the time. Very stable when I hit...  Read More

215/45-17 Tires for Your Toyobaru

After what seems like decades on the concept car show circuit, Toyota and Subaru are beginning to release production versions of the Toyobaru. The Subaru BRZ and Toyota FT-86 (Scion FR-S in North America) are premiering at the Tokyo Auto Show. On paper, the Toyobaru checks all the right boxes with rear-wheel drive for proper handling, proper engine placement...  Read More

It's Not Too Late for the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec!

With summer over and most of the U.S. feeling their first cool temperatures of fall, many are mourning the loss of another autocross season. For a lucky few however, ambient temperatures will stay warm enough to allow for "spirited driving" for some time to come. Based on our testing and customer feedback, the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec continues...  Read More

Autocrossing with Bridgestone, Dunlop and Hoosier!

Here in the Midwest, the temps are rising, the sun is out and drivers are bringing out the toys. Lets go racing! Tires are what makes it all happen. All the power and suspension in the world is for naught if the tires don't deliver the goods. Tire Rack has test results and reviews on Extreme Performance and R-compound tires.Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 Dunlop...  Read More

Choose Dunlop Radials for "Roving" Around

Dunlop All-Terrain and Off-Road Maximum Traction truck tires available at Tire Rack offer a good value alternative to some of the higher priced brands. Dunlop Rover M/T Maxx Traction (Off-Road Maximum Traction) Developed to combine heavy-duty load capacities, on-road competence and off-road capabilities, with an aggressive asymmetric tread design, tuned to...  Read More

AutoCross! Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec VS Bridgestone RE-11

Is your car forum buzzing with comments about this tire or that tire but you just don't know which one wold be best for you? We have tested these and have some good information to help you decide! The Dunlop Direzza Z1 has recorded some of the fastest times on our test track.  This is a tire that has a very fast lap speed for the price for sure. But buyer...  Read More

Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec; Stars of the Extreme Performance Summer Tires!

One day was really not long enough to drive at the BMW Performance Center in Greer, SC. I am definitely wanting more time on the Dunlop performance tires. We were able to drive on the Dunlop Sport Z1 Star Spec Extreme Performance Summer tires on the BMW 1 series and 3 series sedans. Going into the event I knew the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec was a very...  Read More