Volvo XC 90 tires; what's going to last ?

Just wanted to post a quick note on this application, as a family friend of mine cornered me at a party and asked me a question we get frequently.  For what ever reason the Volvo XC 90 seems to be very hard on just about any tire we put on them, with many owners reporting less than 40,000 mile of life !  In the past four years, I've sold everything from the least expensive Kumho Solus KH16 to the pricier Bridgestone HL Alenzas and Goodyear Assurance Triple Treds, and not had much luck guaranteeing that any of them will do over 50,000 miles.......

Early this year, General Tire introduced the Grabber HTS, and I put a set on my Chevy Blazer to try out.  I have been impressed by the tire's wet traction and value, so my friend put some on her Volvo. She has a about 20,000 miles so far, and they still look new !  I'll keep everybody updated as things progress, but if you're in the market I'd recommend a good long look at them !

Click here for information on the General Grabber HTS !

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