The Toyo Proxes R1R: Great Track Tire for This Fall!

As autumn approaches, most of us aren't yet ready to put away the summer toys and prepare for cooler temperatures. But if you have an interest in autocrossing or road racing, cooler temperatures can affect your race tires' performance and take some fun out of your run; so getting the right tire is essential. 

Tire Rack recently added a select number of models from Toyo Tire to better meet the needs of our autocrossing and road racing customers, specifically the Proxes R1R, Proxes RA1, and Proxes R888.  Based on our customers' feedback (and our own experiences) the Proxes R1R has proven itself to be a strong performer with an emphasis on dry grip in cooler temperatures. 

The Proxes R1R has a directional tread pattern that is molded at 8/32" which gives it a very good blend of wet and dry traction at full tread depth,. The tire can also be shaved to enhance dry grip. The R1R is classified as an Extreme Performance Summer (street) tire (and not a Competition/DOT tire), so they can be driven to and from the track or as a "daily driver" if durability is not a concern. The R1R's internal structure features an advanced competition-inspired radial construction for crisp handling and consistent acceleration. For reference, Toyo assigns a 140 AA A UTQG rating to the Proxes R1R to make it eligible for many SCCA classes that require a "street" tire. 

The Proxes R1R is available in a limited number of sizes for 15", 16", 17" and 18" wheels, so be sure to check which sizes you need beforehand, and also note Toyo's specific recommendations for the proper use and handling of this model!


Monday, October 21, 2013 by jeno

i ned a tire zise toyo proxes s/t 285/50/R20 166v
Thursday, October 24, 2013 by Doc

We do not stock any Toyo tires in your size, sorry !

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