The Michelin HydroEdge is a Great Tire!

Michelin HydroEdgeThe Michelin HydroEdge is a great option for drivers who want a good blend of comfort and durability at a reasonable price. 

It has been very popular with Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna minivan owners (among others) due to its low rolling resistance, superb hydroplaning resistance and year-round traction, even in light snow.

The dual circumferential center grooves and high-angle HydroChutes combine to pump water from under the tire's footprint to enhance hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.

Check out our consumer reviews and test results for a complete overview of the tire and its capabilities compared to other tires in the category.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015 by Laura

I agree, I have been using them for 7 years on my 2003 Odyssey and love them!

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