Snow Tires: Two vs. Four and Why Four is the Only Way to Go!

There is a great difference in traction capabilities between winter / snow tires and all-season or high performance tires (especially on ice). You can imagine there is the potential for a loss of control when one end of the car performs very well and the other end just seems to have a mind of its own. Our tests have proven that again and again.

Consider the fact that leading automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Nissan and Toyota recommend in their owner's manuals that you install four winter tires for winter driving.
By installing four winter tires, you maintain the most balanced and controlled handling possible in all winter driving conditions. It is essential to keep the same level of traction at all four corners of the car; otherwise, the full benefits of ABS or traction control systems will be lost. Even with 4-wheel or all-wheel drive, you're only as good as the weakest link.

Read recent tests results and then shop for a full set of winter tires today!

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