Our Customer Surveys and Reviews Help You Decide Which Tire is Best

Doing your research before selecting the right tire can be a challenge at times. Here at Tire Rack, we make it simple by providing you helpful information when you're shopping for tires.

We provide expert, unbiased tire performance comparisons with our tire test results. Our Performance Test Track Drives and Real World Road Rides offer us the chance to experience the ride, noise and handling qualities of a tire across a variety of conditions that our customers will experience on a daily basis. Our team follows consistent procedures designed to minimize variables that could influence results. And because many of our customers live in the snowbelt region, we also test the wintertime traction of all-season and winter tires on the ice and in the snow.

In addition to our tire tests, we maintain independent consumer surveys to help drivers help each other by sharing their long term tire experiences. At the time of this post, we have information on 445 different tire models, as well as 2,783,445,686 miles reported on over 150,000 surveys. You can view tires based on their performance category and see how customers rank their tires in categories, such as hydroplaning resistance, cornering stability, dry traction, ride comfort and more.

Reviews are posted to give you insight into each responder's experience with the tire for better or worse. Just like movie reviews, different people have different opinions and reference points, so it's always important to read as many reviews as possible to gain a better perspective. You can look at reviews by vehicle or by tire brand. This is helpful because you can see what owners of your same vehicle are saying about tires!

With the help of our tire test results, tire survey results and tire reviews, you have the information you need to find the tire that's right for your vehicle and the way you drive it.

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