New Yokohama uses orange oil instead of petroleum; eco-friendly and low rolling resistance!

Yokohama has announced the new dB Super E Spec that uses natural orange oils and rubbers to reduce dependence on petroleum and improve fuel efficiency!

The tire features a new "dual mode" rubber compound that at steady speeds maintains a constant temperature to reduce rolling resistance, but during "active" driving the orange oil is able to heat up more quickly to improve grip when needed. 

The tread pattern also features variable tread sipes in an effort to increase surface contact while reducing road noise.

The dB Super E-spec tires also feature Yokohama´s AIRTEX Advanced Liner that combines the elasticity of rubber with the lightness and superior gas-barrier characteristics of plastic. Only one-fifth as thick as conventional tire liners, the new liner material slows down escaping air molecules to more effectively retain tire inflation pressure while it reduces tire weight and rolling resistance. 

Low rolling resistance test resultsWe were able to include the Yokohama in a tire test we conducted last fall against other low rolling resistance tires, see the test results here!


MPG test results

Currently, the tire is limited to four sizes aimed at Hybrid vehicles like Prius and Honda Hybrids.


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