Need New Tires for Your Toyota Highlander Limited or GMC Acadia? We Can Help!

Tire & Wheel PackageOver the last few years, Toyota and GMC have equipped SUV models, including the Highlander Limited and Acadia with fairly unique tire sizes (primarily in 18" and 19") that are difficult to find and are only made by a few manufacturers. Luckily, our tech department has been able to develop optional sizes that can offer a better variety of brands and models with no effect to the vehicle.

When developing alternate tire sizes it's essential to maintain the correct load rating and still stay within 5% of the original tire's diameter. By doing so, all of the vehicle's systems (speedometer, ABS and traction control) are unaffected and will operate like normal. In nearly all cases, the alternate size will also fit the Original Equipment wheels to avoid any extra costs.

How do we determine the alternate sizes and know what fits on the Highlander Limited and Acadia? Read "How We Know What Fits" to find out.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011 by Chrys Bandon-Bibum

I need 4 new land cruiser tires

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