Need a Separate Set of Wheels for the Track? Take a Look at TRMotorSports Wheels.

For many enthusiasts, their car is not only a means of transportation but also a source of recreation, too. With vehicles that see double duty as a daily driver and track car, many find that a separate set of track-only wheels and tires are a great luxury to have. Sticky track tires can greatly improve handling, however they can wear quickly to the point they aren't an option for daily use. This causes many drivers to have a second set they can install separately for each dedicated use. For best results, a track wheel needs to be lightweight and strong. And if you're looking to combine these characteristics at a great price, consider the line of wheels from TRMotorsports.

Ranging from vehicles such as older BMWs to the Mazda Miata, TRMotorsports wheels reflect form and function by using race-inspired styles with a focus on maintaining minimum mass to obtain the required strength. Many of their wheels are vehicle specific.

The C1M is a 4x100 bolt pattern wheel intended for the Mazda Miata and features a lower offset than a factory wheel to allow for larger brake calipers. More importantly, this allows for the wheel and tire to be moved out to the very edge of the body for better handling. This lower offset does require that the fenders be modified to avoid rubbing, so they aren't considered to be very street car friendly. 

MT1 wheels are primarily offered in a 4x120 bolt pattern aimed at BMW E46 (3 Series) applications. They run much wider than factory wheels to allow for a wider tire option. The ultra wide tire on the vehicle's front can affect directional stability, therefore they are also not considered to be appropriate for street car use.   

TRMotorSports' F1 is a Lotus Elise and Exige specific wheel that mirrors the 16" diameter front and 17" diameter rear wheel sizes used as Original Equipment with similar offsets. F1 wheels are also unique because they accept the O.E. Lotus center cap to give that factory look.

TRMotorSports C1M
TRMotorSports C1M
TRMotorSports MT1
TRMotorSports MT1
TRMotorSports F1
TRMotorSports F1

TRMotorsports wheels are also available for many Subaru, Audi and Mitsubishi applications, so be sure to shop by vehicle to see which option is a match for your car.


Sunday, July 13, 2014 by Jose Collazo

Interested in obtaining more information on 4 x 100 wheels to fit my Mazda 90'.
Monday, July 14, 2014 by Doc

Please call in with the specific model of Mazda (Miata, MX6, etc) for more information.

Thanks !

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