Michelin's new Pilot Sport 3 good for Audi and good for your car, too!

Michelin Pilot Sport 3The new Pilot Sport 3 is being used as standard equipment on the Audi A4, and is the first Max Performance Summer tire to feature Michelin's new Green X technology which offers one of the best energy efficiency levels on the market.

The Pilot Sport 3, designed to balance tread life, fuel efficiency and road gripping performance in dry and wet conditions, is a summer tires and not intended to be driven in near freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. It is currently available in three 18" sizes and one 19" size, but we expect more sizes to be available in the near future.

Our consumer reviews have proven the Pilot Sport 3 to be a worthy heir in a long line of exceptional high performance tires, and perfect for the driver that wants the quietest tire with an exceptional level of grip.

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