What Should I Expect from Lowering Springs?

Eibach Pro-Plus KitLowering springs are a very popular option for those that are looking to improve both the appearance and handling characteristics of their vehicle. By lowering the center of gravity on the car and winding the coils closer together, a lowering spring can make the car feel more "planted" to the road for better cornering. Lowering springs will also give the car a more aggressive stance and reduce the vehicle’s fenderwell gap (the distance between the top of the tire and the edge of the wheelwell). The "downside" of the lowering spring is that the tighter coils will have less travel to them and take away from the ride comfort of the vehicle. 

So what to do? A good rule of thumb to follow is the less the vehicle is lowered, the less the ride comfort will be effected! Depending on the vehicle, both Eibach and H&R have options that can fit a variety of needs (lets use a newer VW Golf as an example):
H&R Sport Spring Set
H&R Sport Spring Set
H&R Race Spring Set
H&R Race Spring Set

For the least amount of lowering (and the closest to "stock" ride comfort, consider the Eibach Pro-Kit (1" drop front and rear).

For a "sportier" ride with a lower stance, look at the H&R Sport Spring kit (1.5" front and 1.4" rear).

Lastly, for the best improvement in handling for track applications, consider the H&R Race Spring kit (2.0" front and 1.75" rear).

Take a look at all the testing we've done on lowering springs for the complete picture!


Thursday, June 16, 2011 by Dennis Valderrama

Hi, I just purchased a 2008 Audi a4 Quattro S-line. The previous owner put a custom shocks and struts on the car and now even the slightest bump causes the tire to rub on the top of the car. What can i buy to raise the car (a lot of pot holes in Jersey)but keep my drive feeling sporty.

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