General Grabber HTS is a Quiet and Comfortable Option for Your SUV

For many years the General brand has been associated most closely with durable and value-priced passenger car tires, while becoming a brand that can be trusted. In order to meet the needs of light truck and SUV owners, General worked very hard to develop a high quality tire that can be offered at a reasonable price. I recently installed a set of General's Grabber HTS all-season tires on my Chevy Blazer with great success, and can attest to their quality and traction capability.

Both our internal tests and customer surveys indicate that the Grabber HTS can be relied on to provide a quiet and comfortable (almost "car like") ride for your light truck or SUV. With its symmetrical tread pattern, the tire can be rotated in a "criss-cross" pattern to maximize wear and still offer great wet and light snow traction. The General Grabber HTS is offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 15" options for smaller SUVs like my Chevy Blazer or earlier Ford Explorers, to 18" and 20" sizes for the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz M-Class.

If you're looking for a great tire for your light truck or SUV at a great price, take a close look at the Grabber HTS.


Sunday, November 5, 2017 by Robbin doran.

Increased my tire size to LT 245/75 R17 Goodyear and I’m not sure of the correct psi. Thanks, and sorry if the question was already asked for this size.

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