Affordable Winter / Snow Tire: Firestone Winterforce

Firestone WinterforceLast winter I decided to install a set of dedicated winter / snow tires to our secondary family vehicle (Chevy Blazer) for those situations when the weather turns very nasty. Given I was on a budget, I selected the Firestone Winterforce based on the price, the positive feedback and our Tire Test Results. Even though adding steel studs in my new set of Firestone winter tires are legal in the state I reside, I decided against it, as I felt the option was not needed.

The aggressive directional tread pattern on my new set of Chevrolet tires is ideal for the heavy accumulations of snow we receive in Indiana and made a world of difference for my vehicle. Being able to stop and turn with more confidence in snow allowed me to feel much more "connected" to the road. 

Firestone Winterforce tires should be installed in sets of four only. To understand why it's important to install winter / snow tires on all four corners, read "Four Winter Tires...The Only Way To Go."

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