Continental Tire Testing in Texas

Just got back from a full day of testing at Conti's test facility in Uvalde TX, and learned quite a bit !  Here's some highlights;
  • Conti's new ExtremeContact DW (High performance summer compound) held its own against the Michelin Pilot Sport and Pirelli P Zero.  Tire features a unique wear indicator that lets you know when your wet (W) (and then D for dry) traction is compromised.

  • Conti's new ExtremeContact DWS (high performance all season compound) was equally impressive against similar competitors, and still represents a great value.  The road noise that was common with the previous tire has bee diminished (thankfully). The unique tread wear indicator also add a wear indicator that shows when your snow traction (S) is now limited.

  • General Tire's Altimax RT and HT again backed up our customers' survey results of being very quiet and comfortable.  Definitely alot of tire for the money !
It was HOT (!), but lots of fun getting to know the folks from Conti and driving some nice cars (BMW 328 sedans, new Ford Mustang GTs, new Chevy Silverados) for some " real world" feedback.


Biggest surprise of the day:  It took me ALOT longer to stop on concrete than on asphalt in a wet "panic stop" test.  I was not expecting much difference, but there sure was.  Lesson learned; be aware of what you're driving on when its raining, and always give yourself more room to stop than you think you'll ever need !

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