Bridgestone's Turanza Serenity is Worth a Look

Bridgestone Turanza SerenityThe Bridgestone Turanza Serenity is a great option for drivers who want a performance-oriented tire for handling, but still want a good blend of comfort and durability. 

This model has been very popular with Honda Accord and Toyota Avalon owners, as well as BMW 5 and 7 series owners who are looking for a smooth ride and excellent wet traction.

The tread pattern features three circumferential and multiple lateral grooves to help evacuate water and resist hydroplaning, as well as continuous center and shoulder ribs that help reduce noise while providing constant road contact to enhance straight-line stability.

I've installed this tire on several of my family's vehicles with great results! Check out our consumer reviews and test results for a complete overview of the tire and its capabilities compared to other tires in the Grand Touring All-season performance category.

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