Bridgestone's Ecopia Tires Help You Save Fuel

While Bridgestone's Potenza line is known for performance, Turanza tires are known for comfort. The new Ecopia line is quickly emerging as the family of tires that'll help your car go "green."

Ecopia tires utilize Bridgestone’s most advanced technology to produce fuel-efficient Original Equipment and replacement tires. These tires have been developed with a focus on low rolling resistance in sizes typically used on small, fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrids, but are now becoming available in some popular light truck and SUV tire sizes as well.

Low Rolling Resistance technology is one of several tools used to improve fuel economy in new cars (along with a focus on a vehicle's weight and aerodynamics), and is becoming a focus for many shopping for new tires. Tire Rack has recently added data loggers and vehicle trip computers to our test fleet in an effort to collect and compare fuel economy figures as part of our testing procedure.

Last year we tested the Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia for SUVs and the Ecopia EP422 for smaller passenger vehicles with impressive results for not only fuel economy, but comfort and handling.

For more information on choosing the right fuel-efficient tire for your vehicle, read "We Can Help You Find the Best Low Rolling Resistance Tire for Your Car."

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