BMW Chooses the Michelin Pilot Super Sport for the 2013 M6

While most 2012 BMW cars and SUVs are equipped with run-flat tires, the M3, M5 and new M6 are all equipped with non-run-flat tires to maximize performance. While the M3 and the most recent M5 use the Pilot Sport PS2, BMW has elected to equip the 2013 M6 with Michelin's Pilot Super Sport (currently available on Ferrari's 599 GTO).

Michelin's eventual replacement for the Pilot Sport PS2, the Pilot Super Sport features a redesigned tread pattern and a lighter weight design to provide enhanced grip and better durability. The Pilot Super Sport utilizes Variable Contact Patch technology to maintain rubber on the road at any given time (strait line or cornering), along with improving the footprint distribution which aids in handling and improved treadwear. Motorsport inspired Bi-Compound technology features different rubber compounds on the left and right sides of the tread to maximize grip.

Our most recent test of the Super Sport proves that it can more than hold its own with the latest offerings from Bridgestone, Pirelli and Continental. The tire provides excellent steering response and front-end responsiveness in both wet and dry conditions.

Shop by vehicle to see if the Michelin Pilot Super Sport is available for your car.


Monday, October 29, 2012 by Dan

does michelin make a super sport run flat 235/55R18? If not what tire size CLOSET to this can I purchase?
Friday, November 2, 2012 by doc

Dear Dan,

At this time, Michelin has not announced any plans to make the Pilot Super Sport in a run flat version (in any size), so the Pilot Sport PS2 will be the primary option to get run flat capability. Please call in to get alternate sizing information !
Sunday, March 3, 2013 by Ina Cooper

i had Michelin 205/55R16 91V Primacy HP Zero Press run flats on my 2006 320iA BMW and the noise is driving me crazy! Tires have done 30333kms and had feathering with a terrble noise on 11782kms already. Anysuggestions or can i ditch the run flats successfully for non-run flats?? I had Michelin low profiles on my previous BMW and it was running smoothly with no noise. I thought that i bought rubbish tires but the more i read on the net the more people complain about the run flats. Any suggestions for the new tires??
Friday, March 8, 2013 by doc

We have many customers that switch over to a non "runflat" tire in an effort for a quieter and more comfortable ride. The main concern is that your will need to develop a plan in the event of a flat tire (adding towing insurance to your policy, joining AAA, etc) as most BMW's do not carry a spare tire or jack.

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