General Grabber HTS

General has hit the mark when it comes to building an all-season tire that provides comfort, durability and performance but does not cost an arm and a leg. The Grabber HTS Highway All-Season tire is putting its mark on the map when it comes to good all-season tires at an affordable price. With many sizes and load ranges available to fit different...  Read More

Shipping Cost to Australia

Wondering what it costs to ship tires to Australia? You are not alone. Prices can vary since shipment cost is based on weight and the ship-to address. In order for us to provide a shipping quote, contact a Tire Rack sales specialist by phone or email and provide the following information: Vehicle year/make/model Full billing address  Full shipping address Billing...  Read More

Sumitomo Summer Performance

Sumitomo HTR Z ll is an Ultra High Performance Summer tire that is developed for the drivers of sports cars and performance sedans who like a tire that will grip the road in wet and dry conditions but not break the bank. The Sumitomo HTR Z ll is able to channel water and resists hydroplaning due to the unique V-shaped directional tread design. The arched...  Read More

General Altimax HP

The General Altimax HP is General’s Grand Touring All-Season tire. It was developed to be a year-round tire that combines reliability, comfort and tread life, as well as provides year-round traction, including light snow capability.The Altimax HP is an excellent tire that will not break the bank and will keep you safe on the road. For more information,...  Read More

Need a Gift Idea?

Ever wonder what to get the car nut who has everything? Look no further! A Tire Rack Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for any car nut. They are available from $25 to $5,000 and are delivered in three to five days. You can even include a personal message.If you are a last minute shopper, don't worry. We can send the Gift Certificate via email to get it...  Read More

Firestone Destination A/T (all terrain)

Looking for a good all-terrain tire that won't break the bank? Firestone has the solution. The Firestone Destination A/Tprovides very good all-around performance at a reasonable cost. Whether you are driving to your favorite hunting spot or making the daily drive to work, the Firestone Destination A/T will get you there safely. The UNI-T technology that is...  Read More

Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2

The Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2 is the latest version of the all-terrain Dueler tires. It is replacing the orginal Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo that has been so popular over the years. Bridgestone felt is was time to make some changes, but didn't want to redesign a tire that has been so good for all these years, so they decided to listen to what consumers...  Read More

On a budget but need tires?

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it's that price does not always determine how a tire performs. With the hard economic times, the most common question I get is "What is the cheapest tire you have?" That is fine; but the question that should be asked is "What is the most cost-effective tire for the money?" which I like to call the "best...  Read More

What is my shipping cost?

Shopping for tires on the Tire Rack website, and need to know what the shipping cost is?   This is a common question. Well there is an easy way for you to get the shipping cost on any of our products. This is real easy to do with any of our products like tires, wheels, brakes, shocks, lighting, etc... without entering any personal information. All you need...  Read More

Bilstein Shocks: What Shocks are Right for Me?

A very common question when it comes to shocks that I get is, "What is the biggest difference between all the shocks?" or "Why are the Bilstein so much more money over the other shocks?" or even " Are they really that much better then KYB or KONI?" Well here is the answer to that.There is a reason the Bilstein's do cost more, and there is a performance...  Read More

Fuel Efficient Tires

With today's tough economy and the high price of fuel consumers are always looking for a way to save money at the pump. Goodyear and Michelin have also noticed this and have decided to help make a change when it comes to saving money at the pump. They have designed tires that are geared toward providing the least amount of rolling resistance to improve you...  Read More