Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Yokohama S.drive

I bought these to upgrade to larger rims to give me more grip and stability. My Camaro is now equipped with a 2002 spec Corvette Z06 LS6 motor and I needed more grip. The car's handling is responsive like it was riding on rails and taking the twistys is done with confidence. I have only put a small amount of mileage on them so far, and highway cruising is...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Yokohama Parada Spec-X

I purchased these tires when upgrading my 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer to the 20 rims. I have used Yokohama in the past and am consistently happy with the price/performance factor. These tires are wearing wonderfully, I do rotate them every 10,000 though. They are quiet, and not harsh riding, the sidewall has some give.It's an SUV- so as you could expect, I...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental ExtremeContact DW

These are very preliminary observations, tires barely broken in. Rain won't likely be encountered locally for next several months. I replaced the OEM Dunlop all-season tires with these, so far seems a good choice. Tires are 225/40R18, manufactured November 2011. I mention this because a Corvette forum recently posted (quoting Tire Rack source) that...  Read More

Late Model Corvette Tires

As many Corvette owners know all too well, purchasing C5 and C6 tires can get a bit confusing and even frustrating. This is primarily due to the unusual staggering of the wheels. Unlike most vehicles with staggered (different front and rear sizes) tires, Chevrolet has been equipping Corvette wheels, since 1997, in the rear that aren't only wider, but also...  Read More

New Wheels for Your C5 Chevy Corvette

Is it time to freshen the look of your 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette? How about some new rims or wheels or maybe even a wheel and tire package to make that personal statement? Tire Rack carries a number of great options for your vehicle. Here are a few examples: Sport Muscle Z06 Finish: Chrome Plated 17- and 18-inch Sport Muscle ZRFinishes: Bright Satin,...  Read More

C6 Corvette Tires and Wheels (Part 2: Wheels)

Wheels are just another name for Rims. Technically the Rim is just the outside edge section of the wheel that "touches" the tire. Among our most popular "rims" are American Racing Rims, Borbet Rims, OZ, and BBS. For the C6 Corvette, I like the lightest weight forged wheel that we sell in the stock, or Original Equipment 18 and 19 inch sizes. Those are the...  Read More

C6 Corvette Tires and Wheels (Part 1: Tires)

I was talking to one of my Corvette customers the other day and he told me that in his Corvette club most members buy their Corvette Rims and New Automobile Tires from Tire Rack. By far the most popular tires I sell for this car personally are the Firestone Auto Tires, we are also one of the largest Goodyear Tire Dealers and I often sell the Original...  Read More

Corvette Wheels

 Looking for a new set of rims for your C6 Corvette?  Well then check out our selection of high quality wheels from BBS and OZ! Both of these manufacturers produce wheels that can be used on the street as well as the race track. These two wheel manufacturers have won multiple championships in several levels of motorsports.                                  ...  Read More

American Racing Rims

Gran Torinos and Firebirds will always be classic muscle cars. Today, new versions of old favorites like Chargers, Corvettes and Mustangs carry on the muscle car tradition. And just like any vehicle out there, you can never deny a good muscle car a great set of wheels. That's where American Racing wheels come into play. In fact, they've been around for...  Read More

Check out these Corvette rims.

To drive a Corvette is to believe in the beauty of a high performance vehicle. And at Tire Rack, we tend to think that means you'll also appreciate a beautiful set of aftermarket Corvette rims. Like, for example, the O.Z. Racing Botticelli III wheels featured on the Z06 at right. A polished lip and bright silver finish create a winning look...  Read More