Tour de Force

In its first major overhaul of the Assurance line, Goodyear recently launched the all-new Assu­rance ComforTred Touring tire in 34 sizes. The tire provides refined handling, all-season traction and an 80,000-mile limited treadlife warranty. With 20% more cushion than standard tires, ComfortEdge technology includes an outer comfort layer and an inner handling layer. A sidewall insert employs a rubber layer that helps absorb road vibration in straight-ahead driving, plus a stiffer rubber material helps keep it firm for added support when turning.

The Assurance ComforTred Touring broadens the line’s coverage for vehicles such as upscale luxury sedans and mid-scale sedans from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Cadi¬llac, Honda and Toyota.

With T-, H- and V-speed ratings, the line covers 15- through 18-inch wheel diameters with one extra-load size. No run-flat sizes are planned. The T- and H-rated sizes will carry a 740AB UTQG and an 80,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. V-rated sizes have a 640AB UTQG and will have a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty. Both will be sold with Goodyear’s 30-day money back guarantee.

GoodYear Assurance ComforTred Touring
The Assurance ComforTred Touring was developed for both everyday and more refined drivers, both of whom desire a “high quality driving experience.” Driving that experience is an all-new tread design and tread compounds, a new mold shape/interior construction, and some new technology.
The all-season tire features an asymmetric tread pattern with four circumferential grooves, siping and angled grooves. The line’s Com¬fort Layer under the tread has been bolstered to provide more cushion than standard tires, for a smooth, comfortable ride.

An all-new tread compound and tread pattern combine for longer tread life and improved fuel economy over the previous model, while a new mold shape and interior construction enhance reliability and stability.

While intended as a replacement for the original Assurance Comfor¬Tred, eight sizes of the original will remain in the line-up for direct O.E. replacement. The new ComforTred Touring is also being offered for O.E. fitment.

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