Tire Storage Solutions

Here in northern Indiana, winter tires are really a must to give you the greatest degree of mobility in the accompanying snowy and icy weather. With three vehicles and the need to store at least two sets of tires and wheels for each, I was beginning to feel buried in a sea of tires. I needed to come up with a solution to the impending chaos. Fortunately for me, Tire Rack has several tire storage options.

Choosing the right tire storage solution can reduce clutter, improve tire care and enhance safety. Solutions to tire storage range from wall mounted steel racks that hold one set of (4) tires, to covers for tires stored vertically and individual covers or totes that can help transport or store tires protected from the elements. Read Tire Rack's recommendations for storing tires safely.

Wall Mounted Tire Storage RackThe Tire Storage Rack has a flexible design that allows room for a set of tires and wheels and can be adjusted to accommodate "aggressive" tire widths. The adjustable rack quickly attaches to wall studs providing a convenient and safe storage method. Its heavy-duty construction has been load tested to a weight capacity of 400 lbs. An average Tire & Wheel Package usually only weighs in the neighborhood of 150 lbs. This systems works great for my larger SUV tires. This wall mounted storage rack is easy to install with simple hand tools as you can see in the Installation Instructions (PDF)

The Tire GarageAnother way to keep your tires organized is the Tire Garage. It allows you to store tires covered, keeping them clean, dry and protected. Tires are stored vertically to keep them organized and free up extra space in your garage or storage area. The Tire Garage is made of the same rugged, mildew resistant and weatherproof material used for boat covers. The material cleans easily and retains its color and strength after years of normal use. I chose the Tire Garage to store my son's tires as his are smaller than mine. The maximum tire diameter that this storage method can accommodate is 27". Even though the material used in this system protects tires from UV radiation, it is not recommended for outdoor use. Follow these handy Installation Instructions (PDF) for use.

Seasonal Tire Totes
The Tire Rack Seasonal Tire Tote is another storage option that affords you the opportunity to both store and/or transport your tires safely. *This "one size fits all" storage system takes the hassle and mess out of changing from winter tires to summer tires or transporting track tires in the trunk or on the back seat of a car. I like the totes for my wife's tires as her car has TPMS sensors that need to be initialized at the dealer when the tires are installed and I can transport them easier this way.

The heavy-duty, machine washable shell incorporates an extra strong, easy-to-carry handle and rugged polyester/nylon construction. The cover slips easily over the tire to protect clothing and a vehicle's interior from tire and brake residue. See how easy it is with the Installation Instructions (PDF).

There are also available optional wheel felts to help protect your nice alloy wheels from nicks and scratches during transport or storage. Both the Tire Totes and Wheel Felts are sold in pairs. With Tire Rack Tire Totes, tires stay neatly covered and stacked until next season or the next event. Winter is just around the corner. Pick the best storage solution for your tires at Tire Rack today.

*The Seasonal Tire Totes will fit tires from 22" to 31" in diameter and up to 11.5" wide.


Friday, January 20, 2012 by Mehdi

can you ship 4x Tire 6 Rim for cadillac srx to Germany? what would be the shipping cost?
Saturday, July 7, 2012 by JIM

I'm looking at your tire totes. .Is the bototm of the tote closed or is it open as the top is in your picture on your web page

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