Mount up

Mounts and bootsWorn chassis parts are often-overlooked ¬causes of tire wear, steering and handling problems, and even road noise. It may not always be apparent, but as your vehicle ages and your mileage increases, strut mounts will deteriorate.

When struts are being replaced (especially on high mileage vehicles), you should also replace the strut mounts to help restore the vehicle’s ride quality. In most cases, if the struts are worn out, the mounts will probably be worn out, too. In some cases, the mounts will actually come apart when the struts are removed!

KYB Strut Mounts are not just a simple mounting point for the top end of the strut. They act as a pivot for the steering mechanism to provide smooth steering response. Worn mounts can hurt ride control and safety as well as produce squeaks, rattles and vibration noise. Mount wear depends on the type of driving you do and the vehicle you drive.

The symptoms of a worn or damaged strut mount are:
• Noise when steering such as snapping, popping, creaking or groaning sounds.
• Suspension noise such as clunking or rattling on uneven roads.
• Increased steering effort brought on by binding in the mount bearing.
• Steering snaps back, caused by a frozen upper strut bearing assembly and spring wind up.
• Poor steering return where the car doesn’t straighten after ­turning due to binding in the upper mount.

Strut Boots:
As with strut mounts, it’s a good idea to replace strut boots whenever the struts are replaced. Strut boots protect the strut by keeping leak-causing dirt and debris away from polished strut shafts. In addition, the built-in travel-limiting bumper in the boot prevents the strut from bottoming out.

KYB Strut Boots
feature a "bellows" type boot that provides protection from dirt and moisture by covering the piston rod. They include an integral compression bumper that is bonded to the bellows to act as a "bump stop" that helps prevent metal-to-metal contact of the suspension during severe impacts.

New KYB Strut Boots and Bumpers are easy to install and provide a low cost insurance that protects the struts from dirt, moisture and severe impacts.

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