Hit the Trail

Look at the tires on the average utility trailer and you will probably find a mix of old car tires, light truck tires, even motorcycle tires. When you look at what is loaded on these trailers you may find everything from an unknown load quantity of dirt, stone etc. to expensive motorcycles, snowmobiles, you name it. Why trust your precious possessions or commodities to questionable tires?

You want heavy-duty, special trailer service tires for your boat, camper, motorcycle or utility trailer.

Special trailer service tires feature heavy-duty construction and allow higher inflation pressures to provide the load capacity necessary to match many trailer applications and payloads. Their stiffer sidewalls help control sway for enhanced towing stability and they offer more bruise resistance than typical passenger tires.
The Marathon Radial is Goodyear's special purpose trailer tire designed specifically for use on travel trailers, pop-up campers, boat trailers and fifth wheel trailers used for hauling everything from race horses to race-cars. The Marathon Radial was developed to make towing a trailer more enjoyable and more economical while making it easier to take your big "toys" with you on the weekends.

The Marathon Radial features a rounded profile to enhance ride quality, and a symmetric tread design with a solid center rib to provide constant rubber-to-road contact that delivers dependable highway stability, traction and long lasting wear. Internally, the Marathon Radial features twin steel belts (reinforced with nylon cap plies on select sizes) that stabilize the tread to increase traction and durability. The Marathon Radial features a polyester cord body to help smooth out the trailer's ride.

These heavy-duty, special purpose trailer tires are not meant for use on cars or trucks.

Keep it Real

If you haul an expensive 5th wheel or travel trailer you can even go one step further and closely monitor the condition of your dedicated trailer tires as you drive.

The Dill High-Pressure Retro-Fit Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor provides real-time monitoring of four tires, including air pressure and temperature, and can be installed on most any 4-wheel application. Warnings alert the driver to low- or high-pressure conditions, air leaks and temperatures changes.


The system consists of a transmitter/sensor installed in each wheel to continuously monitor pressure and temperature and a receiver/display installed on the dashboard. Data is sent wirelessly from the wheel mounted sensors to the vehicle’s receiver. The receiver displays the pressure and temperature for each tire position and when an abnormal condition is detected an alarm is immediately sounded and an alert icon is displayed.

The transmitter/sensor will detect tire pressures and temperatures at pre-set intervals and transmit the data to the display continuously. As the data is received, the display will refresh. The display and sensors include external antennae to make it possible to send stronger frequency signals over long distances. To ensure proper transmission of data however, the distance between the display and the farthest sensor should not exceed 65 feet.

A low-pressure warning will alert you if the current pressure in a tire is lower than 23 psi or when 20% lower than the baseline pressure depending on the mode selected. When air pressure in a tire exceeds 46psi or 30% higher than the baseline pressure (depending on  mode selected), alerts will be displayed. When the current temperature in a tire exceeds 176°F/80°C or an air leakage exceeds 6 psi in 16 seconds, the receiver display broadcasts a warning and the system will not return to normal monitoring until the problem is corrected.

With a good reliable set of trailer tires and a great electronic system to keep tabs on their condition you will go a long way toward making your summer activities much more enjoyable and trouble free.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017 by Eddie

Idk why u guys say y’all carry motorcycle tires when I can’t even find them online and when I call your 1-800 number they tell me y’all don’t sell motorcycle tires
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 by Tire Rack Team

Eddie: We're sorry for the confusion. We're noting in this blog post that we see motorcycle tires and other types of tires incorrectly used on trailers that carry boats, campers and motorcycles. We do sell trailer tires, but as you saw we do not carry motorcycle tires.

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