Affordable Performance From Bridgestone and Sport Edition

InBridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport a previous post, I mentioned that my son and I had installed a nice Tire & Wheel Package on his car. We had originally intended to purchase a little lighter, more expensive wheel, but after a fender bender cut into our budget, we began exploring other options. This time using a sharper pencil. We still wanted as good a performing tire and wheel combination as we could now afford. We had already decided to install a plus zero fitment. We increased the tire size and the wheel width without going to a larger diameter wheel.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse GS came equipped with 205/55-16 tires mounted on 16x6" alloy wheels. In place of the stock package we installed 225/50-16 Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport tires mounted on 16x7" wheels. This gave us a wider tire with a larger potential contact patch without changing speedometer and odometer accuracy, as both sizes measure the same (24.9") diameter.

The wheel we chose was a great looking, sturdy, lightweight and reasonably priced, Sport Edition D5. We decided on the Sport Edition D5 for several reasons: at 18 lbs. it is relatively light for its size. It is a low-pressure cast (reduces voids in the metal) aluminum alloy wheel that is shot peened to relieve stresses in the finished product. Each wheel then undergoes X-ray and ultrasound inspection to ensure continuity of the casting process. The anodized aluminum alloy wheel is then primed and powder coated silver. Each wheel then receives a high gloss clear finish coat. The finish on this wheel gives it very strong resilience to the harsh elements of sun, Sport Edition D5rain, detergents and even winter weather conditions. The Sport Edition D5 also has the extra benefit of certification standards from JWL and VIA. These quality inspections and tests are much more stringent than those required of wheels manufactured as Original Equipment on many applications. All of this in one wheel at a great low price.

The combination of the wider but lighter wheel reduces rolling or "unsprung" weight and the wider, Ultra High Performance Summer Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport really transformed the handling on this car. It corners like it's on rails now. You truly can afford performance, if you know where and how to look.

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